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Need a guardian angel for your computer? Try the new Google Pack

Google Pack LogoOur old buddy, Google Pack is now all set to cure your PC blues. Apart from the usual bundle (Google Earth, Google Desktop, Picasa etc.) the reconstructed pack sports two new additions:

  • Norton Security Scan from Symantec which detects and eliminates viruses & internet worms. Don’t dismiss this as just one of those useless “free” tools ’cause this version is capable of updating itself regularly as well as can be scheduled to scan your system automatically at regular intervals.
  • Spyware Doctor Starter Edition – another tool which has lately become an inseparable companion of an anti-virus solution. This one takes care of any spyware, adware, trojans and keyloggers that might be lurking around your system and includes smart updates as well as scheduling.

Keep in mind – both these tools are diluted version of the originals and can no way compete with their full-blown Anti-virus / Anti-Spyware counterparts. But till you get yourself one, these will do just fine. Moreover, I’d say you’re getting a pretty good value for money (zilch) since both these tools update without requiring any paid subscriptions.

As an extra perk, the Google Photos Screensaver which is a part of the bundle has undergone a major upgrade. If you’d always drooled over one of those digital picture frames, this is your easiest way out. The new screensaver will continously update and display new pictures from web-feeds generated by the many of the major picture-hosting service.

After all, any sort of prevention if better than cure 😀

Wanna give it a try? Head over to the download page

Source: The Official Google Blog