Life, Universe & ... · August 10, 2007 2

Breaking the silence…

Breaking the silenceThese days I often ponder upon the circuitous routes that life takes you on time to time. A few months back I got swept away by a whirlwind like that. It caught me head-on and the flurry of activities was so intense and so diverse and I was so hard-pressed for time that I hardly ever thought there’d be a day again when I could sit back and peacefully resume my old routine. And that includes being able to blog on a regular basis.

Good news is that over the last few days that blogger trait in me – which had to be thoroughly suppressed for all this while (unwillingly though) – has started baring its teeth :D. I guess life is never going to be the same – but I can still squeeze out a trifle bit of time everyday and continue with my blogging.

Time to UpgradeAs a starter I performed a long pending upgrade of my blogging engine (WordPress) from version 2.1.0 to 2.2.2, followed by a long and tedious upgradation process for all my plug-ins most of which had leapt through a couple of major/minor versions during the phase I’d gone A.W.O.L. I’m pleasantly surprised at the improvements some of them have undergone making the overall experience of working with WordPress and its associated software far more pleasurable. Among the noteworthy are the Gregarious plug-in (which renders a Digg This! button along with each post), the Google XML Sitemap Generator that I use as well as the human readable Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. Also another vast improvement is the WPG2 (WordPress Embedded Gallery2) plug-in which now sports a sidebar widget for displaying image/image-grids with a Lightbox interface. You can see it active in the right-sidebar of my blog right below the feed subscriptions section.

If all goes fine, I’m back in business starting today. Hope to see all my regular/new visitors around more often. Cheers 🙂