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PayPerPost: Getting paid to pursue a hobby

PayPerPost LogoBlogging to me is more of a hobby and one could say that I’m a fairly new player in this field. One of the primary appeals of blogging is while you get to express your views to the world, you also have the ability to milk your blog’s content and make some decent money online. I’d started blogging purely for the fun of it – but I wasn’t letting this chance go by either. Soon after the launch of my blog, I started exploring the various avenues for earning that extra bit moolah.

Making money onlineFor many newcomers seeking to make the quick buck online, advertisements are the way to go. However, I was determined not to get my blog heavily laden with too many advertisements. Not only do they clutter up the pages – too many ad codes (and consequently increased page-load time) can severely hamper the performance of your site and drive away traffic. Traffic is the key element in determining the success of any site – hence this is certainly not desirable. Moreover, flashy banners and bulky image-based ads are not a sight for sore eyes. After settling down for a couple of unobtrusive contextual and inline ads, I started hunting for other methods of monetizing apart from blog advertising. Along came PayPerPost like a God-sent boon.

I forgot how exactly I’d come across this service but most likely it was through an article in a friend’s blog. For those who are hearing of PayPerPost the first time – it’s a service which pays you for blogging on a wide variety of topics. The whole idea writing in your own blog and getting paid for it sounded rather exciting and I headed over to their site and registered myself immediately. It took a while for my blog to get approved (guess the approval process depends on the traffic as well as the quality of articles in your blog). I must say that initially I was a bit apprehensive – how my posts would be received, whether they’d withstand the approval process and fetch me the $$ …but then again there was no harm in trying! What I really liked about PayPerPost is that you’re not forced to write on a random topic assigned by them. Rather, they maintain a large pool of topics (called “opportunities“) out of which you’re free to pick and choose any that you’re comfortable writing on. I picked a couple of such topics on pets, computing etc. and notched off posts of decent length (each topic has a minimum words limit) along with suitable illustrations. To my surprise, both posts were approved and at the end of the review period, my PayPal account was instantly credited with the due amount! Excellent service, I must say.

If you’re confident that you’ve got a lucid style of expression and are good at composing posts on random topics, this is a sure-shot way of earning money in big chunks. No online advertisement services (CPC / CPM etc) can ever guarantee a time versus revenue ratio like this. You spend perhaps an hour or so composing a post and end up earning at least a $5 – $10. The better you get at it, the more higher-paid opportunities you’re offered. I’ve seen some which get you up to $400 for a single post ! Moreover, that element of chance which exists in CPC ads (whether your visitors find the ads appealing enough to click on them) is entirely negated here. It works on a simple equation.

Write your article well (informative and easy to read) = Surely get your dough

The only flip-side is that you need to have decent knowledge / experience regarding the topic(s) you choose to write on. Bluffing won’t really get you anywhere ! Besides, it’s a cool thing to fall back on whenever you’re out of topics to blog about. My blog is computing technology oriented – but that doesn’t stop me from blogging on other subjects. PayPerPost provides an excellent opportunity for that with their “opportunities”. I look upon it as a double-benefit for availing their services. It helps break the monotony of thematic blogging as well as puts your writing skills to test. And if you’re suffering from a severe writer’s block, you can always ask a friend to appear as a guest blogger and write on one of the opportunities. Works that way too.

As for the payments, they’re sent directly to your PayPal account which you can utilise to make online payments or simply go on an online shopping spree. Alternately, you can get the paid amount wired over to your own bank from PayPal or draw it in form of a cheque.

All in all, PayPerPost is a great opportunity for anyone who can dedicate some of their free time online to impart information to the readers as well as cultivate their hobby. What makes it easier is that there are no fixed number of articles that need to be written within any given time constraints. You earn as you write.

In case you want to see some examples of such PayPerPost articles consider this article for one or else head over to the One Penny Project blog which is packed with them.