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Real-time visitor tracking made easy with Reinvigorate Snoop

Site AnalyticsSite Analytics tools are an invaluable companion for any webmaster aspiring to make it really big on the net. Such analytics tools help you study the behaviour of your visitors thereby allowing you to fine-tune your site in order to attract more visitors as well as gain “converts” – visitors who perform an action viz. download something, fill forms, make donations etc. on your site. The resultant improvement in website performance can really give you that upper edge over your competitors. Keyphrases that bring traffic to your site reveal how your site is being found, which search engines are being the most effective in referring traffic and what types of terms are most relevant to your content. Other than that analytics also reveal information on your entrance and exit pages. Entrance pages give your visitors that “first impression” about your site and exit pages show why people leave you site at that point. If you’re serious about your website, the importance of using a good analytics tool can’t be stressed on enough.

When it comes to site analytics tools, the undisputed market leader is Google Analytics. It’s easy-to-use, it’s turbo-charged (packed with every feature you might ever want) and best of all – it’s free. Apart from that there are thousands of free as well as paid services which cater to your analytics needs. Most of them come with a common subset of features along with ones that are unique to each. Quite often a webmaster uses more than one analytics tool to acquire a deeper understanding of all the factors affecting his site’s performance. A simple search will point you to all such tools.

Reinvigorate happens to be a pretty recent entrant in this highly-competitive domain. They’re still in their Beta stage and sign-up isn’t open to public. If you wish to check out their service, you’ll have to enroll yourself in a waiting list. However, the wait period isn’t all that long and averages out to approximately 2 weeks. While the features offered in Reinvigorate are pretty much similar to Google, there’s one that stands out really well – Visitor Path Mapping, or in other words, the route (page-to-page) that a visitor follows on your site.

Reinvigorate Snoop LogoRecently Reinvigorate took a huge leap with the introduction of a brand new tool called Snoop. This happens to be a real-time visitor tracking software that streams your website / blog events straight to your desktop. With Snoop around you don’t need to keep checking on your stats from time to time. Whenever there’s some activity around your site, Snoop immediately intimates you with distinct audio-visual alerts. It’s a pretty tiny utility that is available in both PC and Mac flavours and doesn’t require any installation. It sits in your System Tray and keeps a watch on your site activity as long as you’ve got the Reinvigorate Tracking Code in place. What makes it even cooler is the ability to tag pages and receive corresponding activity alerts (e.g. Purchase / Donations, New User Registrations, Comments etc.). I remember having used such services a couple of years back (minus the analytics part) – but they’ve long since gone Paid. As of now this is probably the only service that offers the best of both worlds – for free.

Snoop Screenshot


Snoop is still at a very nascent stage. No mechanism exists to maintain/view historical data i.e., as soon as you close Snoop or your connection is lost and you’ve to reconnect – all the old data is gone (of course it’s still viewable at the Reinvigorate site). It’ll be great if all that data is made available offline along with the ability to generate graphs & charts – but then again that beats the whole purpose of the Reinvigorate site. Moreover, it doesn’t save your login credentials. Hence, every time you fire up this application, you’ve to manually enter the details in order to login to the Reinvigorate server. For now, it’s just wait and watch.

All in all I can foresee that this is going to be one powerful analytics tool to contend with. Reinvigorate has raised the standard by leaps & bounds and other vendors will soon have to follow suit or perish in the process.

Give Snoop a shot and let me know your opinion.