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Chaos Laboratory Support Forums launched !

ChaosLab Bulletin BoardI’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally managed to shake off that lethargy and do what was long needed. I’d been meaning to launch a forum for a long while in order to provide a better support mechanism for all the WordPress Plug-ins I’ve written. At the same time I wanted a better means of interacting with my visitors (blog comments are fine, but they don’t count much in the way of interaction). So here I am with a brand new forum powered by the Simple Machines Forum software.

Apart from tech. support on the plug-ins, feel free to start a discussion on any topic regarding computing and sciences and I’ll try my best to help you out. If not me, there’ll always be more knowledgeable members around who’ll be able to help you out.

On a side-note, I’m running a trial of a WordPress-SMF Bridge that should make these two work harmoniously. If you register at my blog, it should get you auto-registered at the forums too and vice-versa. Similarly, logging in and out of either should affect the other one accordingly.I ask my visitors to kindly report back to me with any observations you have regarding the functioning of this plug-in and help me iron the bugs out.

The forum can be accessed by the Forum link in the top menu-bar of my blog.