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IBackup – the very best in paid online storage

IBackup LogoOnline storage has come to be synonymous with mobility these days and there are a horde of sites offering such solutions. However, when it comes to features, performance & security none come close to IBackup.

Though a paid storage solution, IBackup has a wide variety of pricing plans that can satisfy almost anyone. For example, in the Economy plan, 5GB storage is offered for as low as $9.95 per month. Data Storage OptionsThat may sound a bit pricey to some, but if you consider the features and services offered – it all begins to look good. IDrive – which is a small piece of code that maps your online drive right to your desktop is just one of them. IDrive gives you the ability to drag-n-drop, open, edit and save files using literally any application by making your online storage account behave like just another folder on your computer.

Now a major drawback in this regard is the latency of such online drives. However, the advanced compression algorithms silently working behind the IBackup’s desktop applications cause them to outperform the rest by a factor of at least 30-50% (in many cases). This could mean significant boost in productivity.

Apart from desktop based folder access, the Web-Manager mode enables to to access your files through a browser too. Offered in this mode are extensive file searching, sharing and collaboration utilities along with streaming tools which allow you to catch-up with your multimedia content from anywhere in the world. Sub-accounts are an integral part of the IBackup accounts, letting you create sub-sections within your main account with fine grained access control.

What more – IDrive is not just limited to Windows. It comes in Mac and Mobile Device (PocketPC, Blackberry, Treo etc.) flavours too.

In the enterprise category, they offer storage and backup solutions for a plethora of platforms (Windows / Linux, Oracle / MS-SQL / Exchange etc.).

Awards WonAs for security of your data, the servers on which IBackup’s accounts reside are continuously monitored for attempted network attacks on a 24×7 basis using sophisticated software tools. Moreover, industry leading NAS/SAN storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy safeguard your data in case of storage device failure.

IBackup has won numerous awards in the online storage category including PC Magazine Editors Choice (2003-2005), Webuser Gold Award (Webuser Magazine) and PCPro Lab’s Best Online Storage Solution.

Still not convinced? Experience it first hand by enrolling for a free trial.