AdSense · September 2, 2007

Bored at home? Take your F16 for a spin with Google Sky

F16The all new Google Sky comes with it’s own share of Easter Eggs. A little known fact is that there’s a fully functional flight-simulator integrated into this galactic browser. According to reports, this feature unlocks and appears as a distinct item in your Tools Menu after you’ve played around for a bit with the latest version of Google Sky. The simulator can be fired up by pressing Ctrl + Alt + A too.

Now don’t go off expecting it to be anything like the Microsoft Flight Simulator – but it’s definitely looks very promising. To start with there are two available aircrafts – the F16 and the SR22. Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps etc. – all the basic controls up and running. Once up in the air, the cruising can be done through both your keyboard and mouse. Here’s a complete list of keyboard shortcuts. If you’d rather prefer to use your joystick – there’s support for that too.

As of now, there are a list of prefixed fly-by zones (about 27) from which you’ve have to determine your flight-plan. By default, it’s set to Kathmandu Airport (Nepal) and you can get rocking and rolling all over the Himalayas in no time. Here’s a snapshot while banking right outside the airport.

Google Sky Flight Simulator Screenshot

If you need a quick coffee-break, just hit Space to get frozen mid-air.

Our favourite earth-browser just keeps getting funner and funner. Grab yourself a copy and get flying right-away.

Found via: Google Operating System, Google Earth Easter Egg: Flight Simulator