Internet · September 3, 2007 0

Empower your existing email provider with Driveway file sharing

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail – whichever email provider you may be using, the size of attachments is always capped to typically 10MB per file and to a total of around 20MB in a single email. Your only workaround is to keep the file sizes within the limit or tediously break up a large file into multiple parts and expect the recipient to join them back again. This can prove to be a productivity killer specially when you’ve to send in a bunch of files.

Driveway, an online file sharing service, now offers you a simple workaround for this. ParkitTM is a new method of sending in up to 500MB of attachments with each of your mails – simply upload your file to Driveway and send in the Parkit link along with your email. Keep in mind that the 500MB cap is applicable for a single file only – there’s virtually no limit to the amount of data you can upload or download from this service.

Another USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for Driveway is their patent-pending Edit Widgets technology with which you can modify the uploaded documents directly from you computer without having to go through the modify-reupload-resend cycle every time you need to mail a change to everyone in your group. And you can do this directly from your Windows desktop. Currently editable formats are .doc, .xls and .ppt.

Driveway also lets you create embeddable web-widgets with which you can share your files directly through a web-page or a blog. The widgets can stream Flash & FLV movies, MP3 audios or simply display interactive slideshows of your photos (any standard picture format) directly on your site. No additional downloads are required.

Driveway Widgets Screenshot

If “Size really does matter” for you, without any doubts this is the service you’re looking for.

Incidentally, Driveway is brought to you by the excellent hands-free online backup system called IDrive-E.