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Fresh Badge: Another free online Badge Generator for your Web 2.0 Toolbox

Fresh Badge LogoThis comes in rapid succession of the last review of Web 2.0 Badges. No sooner had I posted it, I stumbled upon another free online Web 2.0 Badge Generator called freshbadge – and this one offers far more in the way of features. The basic idea is all the same – you pick your badge style, add in your text and adjust a couple of factors (text size, color etc.) and Voila ! Your badge is ready to download.

Here’s a brief comparison between the features offered by both of these services…

Badge Templates

Web 2.0 Badges has a much wider selection of predefined templates (different colours & shapes but of fixed sizes) – whereas with freshbadge, you get to start off with 4 basic shapes only. However, the latter gives you the opportunity to adjust the badge & petal widths, the border thickness as well as the gap between each petal.

Badge Boder / Body Colours

With Web 2.0 Badges, you’re pretty much stuck to the colour schemes offered by the site – but freshbadge lets you select both. If you’re one with a good colour concept, this one’s definitely for you.

Badge Text

Not much of a difference here in either. Both let you adjust the textual content, font size, angular inclination and colour, although the variety of fonts offered in freshbadge is a lot more.

Text Effects (Outline, Glow etc.)

This section is entirely missing in Web 2.0 Badges. freshbadge lets you stroke the text with a colour of choice and add a glow to it.

Badge Effects (Background patterns, Gloss, Shadow, Glare)

Once again freshbadge wins in this category hands down. None of these effects are possible with Web 2.0 Badges.

Peel Appeal

Here comes the final touch – the Peel Effect, which can really jazz things up, brought to you by none other than freshbadge. No score for Web 2.0 Badges.

That’s about it – I guess.


Both these services are good – Web 2.0 Badges being the winner in the time-saver category. If you’re in a real hurry, don’t think twice before heading over to them. freshbadge on the other hand, is for the control freaks (and graphics pros) and is a clear winner in the features category.

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