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Cricket Scores: When all else fails, Google prevails

Cricket ImplementsThis one is for all the Cricket aficionados out there who’re on the move and desperately need to catch up with the scores of an extreme match. Can’t exactly recall that live score reporting service? Fear not, for Google is there to save the day for you. Simply type in the words “cricket” along with the names of the participating countries. The first returned result will tell you the real-time updated scores.

Can’t recall both the playing sides? No problem. As long as you can type in the name of one of the playing countries, you job’s done.

Repeating the same search brings up different scorecards – that is, for other matches played recently by these countries – but the most recent one is usually displayed first.

And if you type cricket without any accompanying country name, what you get is a random pick from the most recent matches being played worldwide. Along with the miniature score-sheet, you’re provided quick-links to a couple of sites like CricBuzz, CricInfo and Willow. Click on them and you get to the detailed live scorecards – a very handy service.

Here are a couple of screen-shots…

Google Cricket Scores Screen-shot #1
Google Cricket Scores Screen-shot #2

Have fun…