Internet · September 20, 2007 0

Digg takes a giant leap into the Social Networking zone

Digg LogoThe immensely popular Social Media site Digg took a giant leap into the Social Networking zone. Digg announced a series of new features that takes it beyond just digging and burying articles with promises for more to come. In an email I received a couple of hours back, they introduced the all new Digg Profiles.

The basic user profiles that Digg offered so far have undergone major renovation and now hosts over fifty new features that include detailed personal information, bigger profile pictures and an extensive report of the activities of your friends / contacts. Social MediaApart from that you can setup content filters – so that the news headlines you get to see comes only from a select group of individuals.

Email notifications from Digg too have undergone big changes. From now on you’ll be able to receive automated notifications regarding certain activities – like when someone adds you as a buddy or a story you submitted suddenly becomes popular. Of course, you are able to specify the type of notifications you wish to receive from the email settings of your control panel.

Finding and adding friends is a lot easier now with the new email based profile search. And if you wish to protect your own privacy, you can always block yourself out from the email based search.

More new & hot stuff are on the way – like voting on images (and not just text-based articles), news recommendation system (similar to StumbleUpon) etc.

If you want a sneak-peek of the new features, Digg has compiled a video walk-through of all these new features.