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Getting back to blogging…

Getting back to blogging

Finally… decided to shake off that writer’s block and squeeze some time out of the demands of fatherhood and get back to serious blogging.

Oh Yes ! For those who didn’t know, I was blessed with this beautiful little bundle on the 10th of February, 2008. Life has never been and never will be the same 😀 The bundle is a “he” – i.e. a son and has been nick-named Adi (which roughly translates to Ancient or The Very First. He’s an absolute delight to be with, though more than a handful, when he realises he’s home alone with me. More on that later…

Other than that Google decided to strip me off my pagerank, which stood last at 5 as I was involved in paid-blogging – a policy that sent up such an uproar all over the blogosphere. Seems like Google decided to take it all out on the smaller sites (mine dropped to ZERO) while just marginally denting the bigger ones. Zero is where it stood for several months – till a couple of weeks back I saw it jumping up to 2. My site’s crawling back into the PR space I guess. Luckily, it didn’t affect my traffic anyhow and although I had stopped blogging altogether, the older content was enough to keep up a steady flow.

In the professional front, my work-load has trippled. Learnt many new tricks (I had long wanted to) – such as developing a complete WordPress theme right from scratch. I picked a template out from the free ones provided by TemplateWorld and got going. The result after 1 week of messing around with the WordPress Codex can be seen here. I’m kinda proud of it and I must say, not bad at all for a weeks work starting from level zero.

Updated a few of my WordPress plug-ins too, namely curreX and LiveSig – making them way cooler and better. Also shifted the plug-in base to the SVN hosted by WordPress.

More later… in the upcoming posts. I’m teeming with ideas and the next few weeks will see plenty of them pouring forth.