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SCSI harware galore at incredible rates!

SCSI Hard Drive

If you’re an I.T. professional and / or are responsible for purchases in your I.T. department, this online store can prove to be a delight. Discountechnology is a San Diego based reseller of information technology equipment, hardware & systems – who, as of now, are offering quality hardware (especially in the SCSI Drives category) at massively discounted prices.

The discounted rates don’t come with any compromises in quality. Rather the store utilises alternative sourcing methods such as OEM excess to build up their inventory and thus are able to provide these discount hard drives.

They are certified resellers for enterprise networking equipment from Cisco, Juniper/Netscreen & FatPipe Networks besides offering a range of enterprise storage solutions. End of the day, their strongest point still seems to be a wide array of SCSI equipment. Their stock is quite exhaustive when you consider hot swap hard drives or internal scsi hard drives. The products offered cover all major brands like Seagate, Maxtor, Fujitsu etc. – brands that everyone’s familiar with.


Discountechnology takes a different approach at serving the products by placing an extremely high emphasis on quality. The offer only the best-of-breed products by carefully filtering out all the inferior ones, leaving you with a comfortable selection of only the top-notch ones. This goes without saying even for the used products, for they enlist those which have been factory re-certified solely by the original manufacturer.

Another cool thing about their store is that they offer helpful pointers every now and then to enhance your shopping experience. For example, while browsing their SCSI Hard Drives catalog I was faced with the choices of either going for the hot swappable ones or the internal/external ones. I was wondering which would serve my needs best when I noticed this link that offered me a clear and concise explanation between 80-pin (hot swappable) and 68-pin (internal) ones. Damned cool I say. Throw in the all new ultra-low international shipping rates and you’ve pretty much got the best deals possible.

Find it hard to believe? Drop by and have a look yourself !