Life, Universe & ... / WordPress · May 31, 2008 6

Chaotica: New theme for Chaos Laboratory

Finally got around to doing something that has been pending for ages… i.e. give the site it’s own look & feel.

There are plenty of good WordPress themes around – but almost all are overused. I needed something fresh and unique (if possible). I had contacted a few designers but their starting prices ranged $300 to $400 – something that I would rather spend on getting better hosting (dedicated server maybe) or on advertising. In the end, what had to be done – had to be done. Got down on my hands and knees and started designing one on my own.

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Fireworks helped me a long way in designing all the graphics for the theme. Thanks to Twitch for the logo (lab flasks) – that really brightened up the page.

Once the initial issues with the CSS were sorted out, it was time to port it to WordPress. That was the easier part though and you can see the result proudly on display here. Incidentally, I decided to name it “Chaotica”. Yeah, I know – it’s pretty cliche. But that’s the best I could come up keeping at par with my site name. Maybe you can suggest a better alternative for me!

There are plenty of “cool stuff” that I’m yet to implement – but whatever I’ve put up so far isn’t bad for a first-timer ! What do you say ?