Firefox · June 16, 2008 1

Your last chance to help Firefox set a new Guiness World Record

Firefox 3

For those who didn’t know, the guys at Mozilla are reaching out for a new Guinness World Record for the most downloaded software in a span of 24 hours – with the support of it’s million plus fan base.

The software which will strive for this record is the all new Firefox 3 (with more than 15,000 improvements), which is being launched on the 17th of June, 2008, i.e. tomorrow. This day has been named the Download Day and the guys at Mozilla want to see the download counter shooting through the roof, far surpassing the 2 million plus downloads of Firefox 2.

In the wake of this launch, quite a few authors have updated their extensions to work smoothly with this new release (for example, Google Toolbar). That’ll ensure that you aren’t left stranded with just the browser minus all the enhanced functionality.

If you’re a fanatical Firefox follower (like me), make sure you drop by the Firefox 3 Headquarters and pledge yourself for the download. They’ve got this cool interactive flash-based World Map there, displaying the number of pledges on a per country basis.