Firefox · June 18, 2008 2

How about a personalised Firefox 3 Download Day Certificate?

Hopefully, by now you’ve grabbed your copy of Firefox 3 and consequently played an active role in helping our favourite browser set a new Guinness World Record. Here’s an added perk for being such an avid follower of Firefox – a personalised Firefox 3 Download Day Certificate stating your role in helping Firefox achieve the world record. I got mine just now and here’s what it looks like…

Firefox 3 Download Day Certificate

Getting the certificate is as easy as filling up this form (with just your name) and grabbing the generated PDF File.

Incidentally, I managed to grab my copy of Firefox 3 only today morning – almost 12 hours after the official release. Last night it was literally impossible to access any of the Firefox download sites due to the initial download rush.

Installation went smoothly and all my earlier settings & bookmarks were preserved – though a couple of extensions failed to work (Fasterfox, FEBE and TabMixPlus). None that I will sorely miss, (for the time being) except  for FEBE.  On the good side, FF3 DOES take a shorter time to fire-up. How about you? How was your initial experience with FF3?