Internet · June 30, 2008 1

BlogSpot is blocked in Thailand… once again!

BlogSpot blocked in Thailand again

Once again the ISP’s in Thailand are at it – All BlogSpot based blogs are being actively blocked here. This came to my notice about 5 days back when I tried to access a friend’s blog and got a Network Timeout. I gave up thinking it was some temporary ISP hiccup – but the situation has continued to be the same for past 5 days. My suspicion was confirmed when I came across this forum thread today. Reports are pouring in from internet users around the country regarding the block.

The last time this had happened was around the middle of last year (May 2007). The ban was subsequently lifted sometime in June 2007. The reasons cited were political – which is understood, following the military government’s out lash against any liberal blog on politics that dared to speak favourably about deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

I’m scouring for further reports to figure out which all ISP’s are playing along, but I can say for sure about the one I use – i.e. TRUE INTERNET. By nature I believe it’s a simple domain block and the blogs can still be accessed using web-proxies, though apparently this is punishable by law (if caught). The BlogSpot blogs which use their own domain are still accessible.

As for the reason this time – I’m totally clueless.

Does anyone have any further information on this to share with us?