August 14, 2007

PayPerPost: Getting paid to pursue a hobby

Blogging to me is more of a hobby and one could say that I’m a fairly new player in this field. One of the primary appeals of blogging is while you get to express your views to the world, you also have the ability to milk your blog’s content and...

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August 13, 2007

Ubanimator – Animate your Userbars online …for free

This one’s meant for the forumers… a simple online tool to create animated Userbars – which are small rectangular images frequently sighted in forum signatures. They usually convey the interests, hobbies, or graphical skills – in short, the personality of a user. Userbars come in a wide variety of flavours...

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March 12, 2007

Tech Link Train chugs along….

First and foremost, thanks to Mayank @ ReviewSaurus for tagging me 🙂 Cheers buddy. To quote him, “Tech link train is just a small program going in the blogosphere, which helps in spreading the link love and has other benefits.” All you need to do to spread the light &...

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March 5, 2007

How much is your domain worth?

A couple of weeks back I’d made a post about a service that calculates your blog’s worth using the Technorati API. Last night I came across an all new service called dnScoop (Domain Name Scoop) which works on similar lines – except that this one calculates your domain’s worth in...

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February 19, 2007

Figure out your blog’s worth in dollars !!

I just came across an interesting tool that calculates your blog’s worth in dollars. The applet is written by Dane Carlson who runs the Business Opportunities Weblog and can be accessed via this link. The applet is powered by Technorati’s API with the help of which it computes and displays...

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