December 22, 2009

Speed up your browsing experience using Google Public DNS

Came across this cool new introduction from Google named Google Public DNS – a set of DNS Servers that are meant to replace the DNS servers that you normally use (most likely handed out automatically by your ISP) and considerably speed-up your browsing experience. This service leverages on Google’s existing...

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December 15, 2006

What is www1 / www2 etc. ?

Regular surfers no doubt often come across sites which seem to defy the standard format for a web-address, i.e. www.some-site.com and take up forms like www1.some-site.com. It gets people wondering what actually is this www1 ! I’ve heard some really funny and odd explanations regarding this www1, www2 etc. and...

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December 14, 2006

Ten Ships releases Ajax DNS

Arizona based Ten Ships has announced the first public beta of their all new product AjaxDNS, which is an Ajax framework … … for any systems administrator, support technician, or anyone that needs quick network and domain tools and analysis. The features offered are: Live DNS Whois Search IP Whois...

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