May 25, 2008

SCSI harware galore at incredible rates!

If you’re an I.T. professional and / or are responsible for purchases in your I.T. department, this online store can prove to be a delight. Discountechnology is a San Diego based reseller of information technology equipment, hardware & systems – who, as of now, are offering quality hardware (especially in...

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September 2, 2007

A hands-free automated online backup system called IDrive-E

Loss of critical data can prove to be one of the most horrifying nightmares specially if it involves official documents. Worst case scenario could lead to one getting sacked. And even if it’s only personal documents, who would ever want to see years of fond memories (photographs, videos etc.) disappear...

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August 29, 2007

IBackup – the very best in paid online storage

Online storage has come to be synonymous with mobility these days and there are a horde of sites offering such solutions. However, when it comes to features, performance & security none come close to IBackup. Though a paid storage solution, IBackup has a wide variety of pricing plans that can...

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August 23, 2007

Terrabyte Discs lurking near the horizon

Even before Blu-Ray and HD-DVD have fought the final battle to take control of your average home, another gigantic threat has cast its dark shadow over them. With hordes of fancy, futuristic storage concepts being born every other day, the death of optical media has been a topic of prolonged...

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