Free eBook: The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts list

ebookThe Windows Club has just released a free eBook titled, “The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts”.

Apart from an exhaustive list of more than 200 common and new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7, this eBook contains introductory discussions on basic keyboard usage, organization of keys, typing & editing, creating custom shortcuts, etc.

The actual list of shortcuts covers the following areas:

  • General Windows functions keyboard shortcuts
  • Dialog box keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts
  • Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts
  • Magnifier keyboard shortcuts
  • Remote Desktop Connection keyboard shortcuts
  • Keyboard shortcuts for MS Paint
  • Keyboard shortcuts for WordPad
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Calculator
  • Windows Journal keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Help viewer keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Media Player keyboard shortcuts
  • Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Media Center keyboard shortcuts

The eBook has been authored by Nitin Agarwal, a Windows 7 enthusiast and is available in both PDF and XPS formats with fully linked content index.

You can grab the eBook from here.

Bored at home? Take your F16 for a spin with Google Sky

F16The all new Google Sky comes with it’s own share of Easter Eggs. A little known fact is that there’s a fully functional flight-simulator integrated into this galactic browser. According to reports, this feature unlocks and appears as a distinct item in your Tools Menu after you’ve played around for a bit with the latest version of Google Sky. The simulator can be fired up by pressing Ctrl + Alt + A too.

Now don’t go off expecting it to be anything like the Microsoft Flight Simulator – but it’s definitely looks very promising. To start with there are two available aircrafts – the F16 and the SR22. Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps etc. – all the basic controls up and running. Once up in the air, the cruising can be done through both your keyboard and mouse. Here’s a complete list of keyboard shortcuts. If you’d rather prefer to use your joystick – there’s support for that too.

As of now, there are a list of prefixed fly-by zones (about 27) from which you’ve have to determine your flight-plan. By default, it’s set to Kathmandu Airport (Nepal) and you can get rocking and rolling all over the Himalayas in no time. Here’s a snapshot while banking right outside the airport.

Google Sky Flight Simulator Screenshot

If you need a quick coffee-break, just hit Space to get frozen mid-air.

Our favourite earth-browser just keeps getting funner and funner. Grab yourself a copy and get flying right-away.

Found via: Google Operating System, Google Earth Easter Egg: Flight Simulator

Change your default Bengali font in Windows XP with Font-fixer

Bengali Character SetIf you do a whole lot typing in Bengali and are bothered by the fact that XP always gets you started with that ugly font named Vrinda, here’s a quick fix for you. Font Fixer is a tiny utility (72 KB) that provides you with a one-step solution for setting you default Bengali font in XP to whatever other font you desire.

Under normal circumstances this isn’t directly possible as XP doesn’t come with any configuration option related to this. This feature is sort of hard-coded into Windows. With Font Fixer, you …

just select which font you want to make default for Bangla language, and with just a simple reboot, no patch and system file change, you get it, in a safe and easy way and restore the original setting anytime.

The noteworthy features of this little tool are:

  • Font Fixer Screenshot

    The ability to revert back to the original settings at any point of time.

  • Being able to set the default font (for Bengali Language) in Internet Explorer – a bit of information that is used by your computer to display a Bengali web-page when no embedded font information is found on the site.

  • Automatic font-smoothing using ClearType.

  • Auto-detection of Bengali fonts installed on your system, so that you don’t have to wade through thousands of fonts in order to set the default one.

Regular users of Avro Keyboard – the English to Bengali phoenetic transliteration software will find this tool particularly useful.

Give it a shot and let me know how helpful you found this tool to be.